No matter what your financial goals are and what professional area you work in, we can be sure that you have a dream that motivates you to get up every morning and do your best.

At SynergyO2 we feel that there is nothing like having a project underway to give illusion and vision to our daily routine.


The human being is programmed to seek happiness, the point is to define what each one means by being happy. The answers can be infinite, but in any case there is no choice but to fight for your dream, overcome your fears, and accept responsibility.


What kind of entrepreneur are you?


If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, looking for growth, unafraid of innovation and are willing to do anything to achieve your dream you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, but what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? There are different ways to become an agent of change and they are not necessarily all linked to owning your own business.


Activist. Fight for a cause.


If being part of an organization with a cause and making the world a better place is your thing, you are not far from being an entrepreneur. If your interest is to raise awareness of social problems and offer a solution, you may be looking for a way to earn extra income that will allow you to do your work with greater ease and satisfaction.


Intrapreneurship. No fear of success.


It is very common, especially among young people, to hear that there is nothing worse than sitting in a cubicle from 9 to 5 until the end of the day and going home. The reality is that from your position as an employee you can become an entrepreneur. Being a person who seeks to update themselves, constantly train themselves, contribute creative ideas, take responsibility and motivate their work team is not something that just anyone can do. They are known as Intrapreneurs, and it is not unusual for them to enjoy their work. Did you feel identified? Imagine what you could achieve with extra income and take that degree you want so badly.


Investor. The art of recognizing opportunities.


You don’t always have the time to start a project from scratch, but that’s no excuse for not becoming a successful entrepreneur. The investor is looking for an opportunity in an existing business that is likely to grow, such as the healthcare industry. Newly retired people tend to become investors by contributing capital and experience.



Professionals. Prestige cannot be bought.


They are called self-employed, and are those who are only accountable to the people who offer their services. They depend on themselves to generate employment by becoming their own bosses. If you fall under this description you will know that as you gain prestige and your client base grows you will have to be prepared to hire sub-employees, buy equipment, regularize permits, among other expenses and headaches. A professional must be prepared for growth.


Entrepreneurs. Risk everything to win.


They are those who like business, enjoy challenges, seek innovation and are experts in the art of stimulating product purchases. They know how to make money work for them and are aware of new trends. Today most are betting on the healthcare industry, far ahead of Internet and technology services.


Network Marketing, a smart idea.


Whether you’re looking for resources to advocate for a cause, extra income for business projects, an investment opportunity or a post-retirement activity, network marketing is an effective and smart way to do it. SynergyO2 knows it won’t be easy, but wants you to realize that you’re not alone. We aim to be a support for you and provide you with the necessary tools for financial independence and entrepreneurial success.