According to energy nutrition expert Montse Bradford, humans are the only mammal that at 50 years of age has not yet been weaned.

“It is true that cow’s milk is very rich in protein for bone growth: in two months, a calf is almost as big as its mother.”


Milk in moderation


A Harvard Medical School study set alarm bells ringing when it published a guide to healthy dietary guidelines that did not include dairy.


To drink or not to drink a glass of milk daily? To consume or not natural yoghurts or delicious artisan cheeses? What the experts seem to be telling us is that dairy abuse can lead to more health problems than we think.


Taking into account the advice of these specialists, we tell you what are the 8 things that happen in our body if you abuse dairy products:


1. They weaken the kidney and produce an excess of mucus. According to Montse Bradford, “that’s why so many children always have colds or earaches.


2. They inflame the intestines and do not promote good digestion.


3. They reduce body temperature.


4. They produce absorption and gas problems.


5. Propensity to cancer. Harvard Medical School researchers reveal that high dairy consumption may increase the chances of getting prostate or ovarian cancer.


In any case, they advise substituting soy vegetables, beans, nuts, leafy green vegetables and certain types of fish to produce the calcium we need daily instead of dairy, which has high levels of saturated fats and chemical components.


6. Cholesterol problems. In the case of cheeses, especially raw milk cheeses, there is an excess of saturated fat and cholesterol. They are also high in sodium. They are a diet bomb because they make you gain weight.


7. They affect semen. On the other hand, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, show that whole milk products negatively affect the quality of this fluid.


The study includes data from 189 men aged 19 to 25 and reveals that men who consume 3 servings of whole dairy products – for example, 3 glasses of milk – have 25% lower quality semen than those who keep these products out of their diet.


This could be attributed to the fact that estrogen, the female hormone par excellence, is present in cow’s milk.


8. Gain weight. In the case of yogurts, even those advertised as low calorie, if consumed in large quantities can increase your weight.


Too much yogurt, experts say, adds extra calories. The average amount of sugar in yogurt is 6 teaspoons; when you get too much of the sugar, it takes away from the nutritional benefits of the food.


Remember that “nothing in excess, everything in moderation”… even when it comes to dairy products.