What are SV?

SV points are the amount assigned to each one of the activation packages and SO2 Sport products. These points are used to calculate worldwide commissions.

When you sign up by purchasing your package, you receive the SV points that are assigned to your package depending on the category.

If you purchase an upgrade plan, you receive the difference of SV points between your last and current category.

Why are SV necessary?

SV points can help you become eligible to receive different bonuses of the financial rewards program. As you accumulate more points, your chances of receiving more and better bonuses highly increases because you achieve higher ranks.

These points are also necessary to remain active as a distributor and to be eligible to receive bigger rewards.

How to get more SV?

To get more points, we suggest you to maintain your monthly auto ship purchase so that you can keep a constant accumulation of points.

Also, you need to help each one of your downline members to remain active with their monthly required purchase depending on your current qualification and rank.