Have you ever had trouble losing weight?

Learn here, some tips so you can speed up the process of losing weight.


Drink enough water. In some cases, thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Therefore, it is recommended that before each meal, you try to drink a glass of water, to know what your real needs are. Throughout the day, it is also recommended that you drink water.


Some experts say that 8 glasses of water is recommended, however, others say that this is not really what is recommended. It is advisable to drink water whenever you feel thirsty.


2.-Set objectives. As in other processes, set your goals to lose those extra pounds. Define how much weight you want to lose each week and for each week, make an action plan that allows you to have clear goals. This will help you to be more consistent in your diet.


3.-Control anxiety. Anxiety can make you want to eat more than usual, even if you’re not hungry. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check whether every time you eat a lot it is because you have high levels of anxiety or you are really hungry.


4.-Avoid the consumption of creamy sauces and dressings. Many people choose to eat salads when they start a diet, sometimes not paying attention to the dressing they use to accompany it. Pay attention to what you use to complement/accompany your meals. Sometimes the main dish is a healthy option but it is accompanied with other foods that do not provide nutrients.


5.-Eat several times a day. The key to speeding up the weight loss process is to eat several times a day. Some people tend to associate that the more they eat, the more they gain weight, however this is not true. When your body begins to receive food more frequently, it becomes faster, speeding up the metabolism. Try to eat 5 times a day, 3 main meals and 2 snacks.


6.-Reduce the portions of your dishes. Have you ever heard what your plate should look like when you eat? If so, you will remember that half should contain vegetables, while the other half should contain legumes and some animal protein, preferably white meat. Every time you serve your portion of food, try to reduce the amount (don’t try to empty your plate). You’ll see how over time, you’ll get used to eating a certain amount of food.


7.-Reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol, a drink that is rarely needed at a meeting. If you frequently consume alcohol, we recommend that if you are trying to lose weight, you should give it up for a while, as it will only increase your chances of accumulating more abdominal fat, especially beer has this effect. In addition, it has been found that in some people, the intake of alcohol increases their appetite.


8.-Include some physical activity in your routine. It is believed that the ideal combination for weight loss is to include exercise and healthy eating. In most cases, it does work. Don’t worry if you don’t like any sport, just keep moving for 30 minutes to get your body active.


Preferably try to find someone who can accompany you when you exercise, as this will greatly motivate you.


Don’t forget that it’s not about starving yourself, it’s about knowing how to eat a balanced diet. For this, we recommend that you include Synergy O2 supplements in your diet, which will complement your nutrition and help the weight loss process go faster.


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What do you think of these weight loss tips? We recommend you to follow some of them and see if they work for you.