Ways you can strengthen your immune system

Keeping our immune system strong and healthy is crucial at any age and in any context of our lives in order to maintain a good lifestyle and quality of life.

As we get older, more attention should be paid to this, because with age the capacity of the immune response is reduced, which translates into a greater number of infections or other ailments. Because of this, older people may develop more severe symptoms with an infection compared to a younger person.
Everyone, without exception, must contribute to the proper functioning of our immune system. Here are some tips you can follow to care for and strengthen it:
Avoid smoking
Eat enough fruits and vegetables
Exercise often
Drinking only in moderation
Maintaining a healthy weight
Getting enough sleep
Minimize stress
By eating a balanced and healthy diet, we will be able to provide our body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will be fundamental pillars in a strong immune system and prepared for possible infections.
The following vitamins are essential to keep us in good condition throughout our lives:

Vitamin C.

It is considered one of the major stimulants of the immune system. When you have a deficiency of this vitamin, we are more prone to get sick, especially in cold seasons.
To maintain a good amount of vitamin C in your body, we recommend consuming citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, strawberries and also vegetables such as peppers, spinach and broccoli.

Vitamin B6.

Key to support all biochemical reactions of the immune system. Some foods rich in this vitamin are chicken and cold water fish, such as tuna and salmon. It can also be found in chickpeas and green vegetables.

Vitamin E.

A very effective antioxidant that can help us fight infections. To obtain it we can consume nuts, spinach and seeds.

Vitamin D.

When we expose ourselves to the sun’s rays, we help our body to produce this vitamin. Infections can be more frequent if our body does not have enough vitamin D.

What else can I do to supplement my diet?

In addition to vitamins, we can mention supplementing your diet with nutritional supplements, which can give us an additional amount of vitamins and minerals that we are not getting from our food.
Don’t forget to take SynergyO2 liquid oxygen , 3 times a day by placing 8 drops in a glass of water. It’s very practical and doesn’t take you any time to prepare. By receiving a constant flow of minerals and nutrients, your body will be able to kick-start all of your body’s systems more efficiently, which is vital to keeping you strong and healthy.
Our articles are written for educational and informational purposes and should never be taken as a medical consultation. If necessary, see your doctor or health care professional instead before you start using supplements or making changes to your diet.