The viruses that most affect us this season

At this time of year, we all know the importance of taking precautions to avoid getting sick from a virus that we can catch, either in the environment or by contact with a sick person. In these months, the most common diseases that we can get are those that damage the respiratory system, such as bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, among others.

Coronavirus – late-breaking case

Currently, the case of the coronavirus or 2019-nCov, which has already spread to several countries around the world, has become very popular in the media. The coronavirus has been declared a global public health emergency and has caused more than 2,000 deaths and infected at least 40,000, according to CNN’s website.
So far, health authorities have not reported any vaccine or medicine that could prevent a possible infection or cure a person who has contracted the virus. However, what we can do is to strengthen our immune system in order to have stronger defenses to protect us from infections.
On some American websites, SynergyO2 liquid oxygen has been mentioned as an ally to help fight infectious agents that can put our health at risk. According to these sites, the oxygen formula has enough elements to raise our defenses, here we explain why.
Its formula allows nascent oxygen to be generated by the dissociation of some water molecules found in the body, thus forming nascent oxygen and hydrogen atoms. When SynergyO2 is taken and comes into contact with the water molecule, a process of “separation” begins, thus obtaining 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 of oxygen, the latter being negatively charged.
Free radicals are unstable, positively charged oxygen atoms. Charges attract, atoms bond. When they join together, a new oxygen molecule is formed that is available to the body.
It can also be supplemented with the
for a more effective effect. Its blend of ingredients increases cellular respiration and boosts defenses, which protects the immune system from infections.
We invite you to put your wellbeing and health first and protect yourself with quality products, you and your family deserve it.
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