Is it really healthy to run in the morning?

Talented young columnist Alex Hutchinson, author of “Which Comes First,” “Cardio or Weights: Fitness Myths” and other comprehensive self-care books, questions the benefits of running in the morning. Of course we know the importance of sport and the benefits of an active routine, but is exposure to pollution a good idea? Especially considering that when we run our respiratory system has the need to act faster. We inhale larger and more frequent breaths of air. How does pollution affect us? More importantly, how do we deal with it?


Recent studies have shown that running outdoors can bring us problems due to pollution. But is it the best alternative to give up any sport at all? It’s a question that Alex Hutchinson poses in his article “Exhaust Yourself”.


It is a fact that running in the morning exposed to smog brings respiratory complications, increases the risk of suffering from asthma and even heart attacks; even so it is concluded that taking the necessary preventive care the risk does not compare with the benefits. You can take your morning walk to the next level by following these 3 simple rules:


Start as early as possible: ozone is a key component of smog and is produced when the sun’s rays react with pollution. If we take this into account we can be sure that ozone levels are even higher in summer. That’s why, when you wake up, going for a morning run is at the top of your list.


Wear a mask: It may be uncomfortable to exercise with a mask on, but it has been proven that wearing a mask will stop 95% of the finest and most dangerous particles.


Do it daily: It is proven that even with the risks that pollution implies, inactive people suffer from respiratory and heart diseases at a very early age and much more serious compared to those who care to exercise.


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