Do you know how nutritious the foods you and your family eat are?

Red, green, yellow… How colorful are the dishes you eat? Remember that having colorful foods on your plate increases the chances that you’re getting enough phytonutrients (nutrients from plants). Plus, your food is more likely to be fresher and less processed.


You may think that your family doesn’t like the idea of having to eat fresh food all the time, but you shouldn’t worry about that. Fortunately, we have a wide range of foods, from which everyone can choose which ones to consume: fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, even teas.


It is well known that each fruit and vegetable provides some specific benefits. However, some experts have grouped them according to their color. Having foods in a variety of colors gives them not only a plate that will look nicer, but also a variety of textures and flavors.


Here are the benefits that your body can perceive according to the color of each fruit or vegetable:


Red: It is believed that foods that are red in color may aid in memory health, heart, urinary tract and protect against some cancers.


Yellow and orange: Yellow or orange vegetables and fruits may protect us from some types of cancer, help with vision and keep the immune system and heart healthy. Vitamin C is present in foods with this color.


Green: Similarly, green foods protect against some types of cancer, help our eyesight and can keep bones and teeth in good condition. They can also help with vision problems.


-Purple: They may help fight the effects of anti-aging, help with memory health, urinary tract health, and fight some cancers.


White or coffee: They help us to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. They may also help maintain optimal coronary health and protect against some types of cancer.


Do not forget that it is advisable to consume fruits and/or vegetables before starting your main dish, since they have a high content of water and fiber, which helps us to feel satisfied faster.


What colors do you use the most? We invite you to make your dishes colorful, you won’t regret the benefits.