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It combines four supplements that can help support your health by taking into account the different nutritional needs and stages as you age. In addition, it can help provide an antioxidant effect at the cellular level.

Synergy4 can help in:

    – Prevent hormonal problems in men and women.
    – Improve and maintain in good condition the functions of glandular organs.
    – Prevent premature ageing thanks to its antioxidant effect.
    – Benefit sexual activity and health.
    – Prevent the development of malignant cells.


    Adults should take 15 drops of the product, 3 times a day by placing it under the tongue. After 20 seconds the product should be swallowed.

    Shake the product before use.

    Note: Some people may experience a healing crisis when they start taking Synergy4, however, all symptoms are temporary.