It is important that at all times we can identify the symptoms of stress, this in order to get rid of that state and prevent it from affecting our daily lives.

Once we notice that we are going through a great period of stress, we must have methods that help us to put it under control and thus not expose our health. Here are some of those methods:


1.-Write down your emotions. You can keep track of what kind of events or situations generate the most stress for you. For this, we recommend you to keep a journal where you write down how you feel day by day and know what usually triggers your stress. Likewise, writing works to let off steam.


2.-Identify the cause. The above advice will help you identify what are the triggers that cause your body to undergo a lot of stress. Having your emotions written down will allow you to review what went wrong in the future. This way, it will be easier for you to identify what you should try to avoid.


3.-Yoga. Yoga allows you to relax your body and mind, which greatly helps to reduce stress. It can be practiced when you are going through a lot of stress or included as part of your routine, even when you are not stressed.


4.-Meditation. As with yoga, meditating has several positive effects. You can look for meditation techniques either online or in person. If you tend to stress a lot, we recommend that you practice meditation with a group of people, this will help you to enter into harmony and relax more.


Breathing sessions. Knowing how to breathe the right way can help you put your body in a more relaxed and less tense state. Here is one breathing technique, but you can find many more on various sites.


The technique is very simple and consists of lengthening the exhalation time, which relaxes the body and mind.

You can find yourself standing or sitting. You should relax and make sure your hands and jaw are not tense.

Breathe in slowly through your nose while counting to 4. Try not to lift your shoulders. Notice how your abdomen expands slightly due to breathing.

Hold your breath for a moment.

Breathe out slowly through your nose for a count of 7.

Repeat the process for 2 minutes.


Breathing should be slow and comfortable. If you make a sound when you breathe, it means you are breathing too fast.


6.-Music. Listening to your favorite music for a while relaxes your mind and body. The process of doing so causes endorphins to be released, which are responsible for making a person feel happy.


7.-Avoid certain drinks. Some beverages, such as coffee and alcohol, contain stimulating substances, which instead of relaxing us, only cause our nervous system to be altered. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid these 2 beverages as much as possible. You can choose to drink teas or infusions, as these have calming effects. Infusions of chamomile, peppermint, mint, etc. are recommended to a greater extent.


8.-Communication. If you need to talk to someone, do it. Holding on to emotions and thoughts that stress you out only makes you feel worse in the long run. In case your stress is too much, to the extent that you can’t control it, choose to go to a psychologist, the process will be easier.


9.-Good nutrition. As with drinks, there are foods that only make you more upset. Try to eat fresh foods and stay away from sausages and fatty foods.


10.-Perspective. Remember that it’s all in your mind. Sometimes we get stressed by scenarios we imagine in our minds, when the reality is something very different. Try not to think too much about things and follow the course of what is happening, do not stress about situations that you can not control. Try to see everything in a more positive light.