Everyone at some point in their lives has felt stressed and it’s normal.

When you reach a point where your health is being compromised, it is important to take action and not let it continue to interfere with your health. Do you know if you are really stressed?


The symptoms of stress usually manifest themselves in 4 different areas: cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioral. Here we are going to mention which are the most common so you can detect if you are stressed or not.


1.-Constant tiredness. No matter what time of day it is, the feeling of tiredness never leaves your body. Even if you sleep early and for a period of 8 hours or more, the feeling of fatigue never leaves your body. This is because stress is considered an “energy vampire”, something that only robs you of energy and ends up leaving you more depleted. something that only robs you of energy and ends up leaving you more exhausted.


2.-Frequent illnesses. When you are highly stressed, your immune system’s ability to protect you is reduced by up to 30%. You may get a simple cold first, but then it may progress to a more severe infection. Frequent ailments can be caused by not eating right and opting for less healthy foods, lack of sleep and negative habits, such as a sedentary lifestyle.


3.-Sleep disturbances. If your mind can’t relax and you find yourself under a lot of tension all the time, it will be very difficult for you to fall asleep. This can eventually turn into insomnia, which can trigger point 1, constant tiredness.


4.-Headache. If you get headaches a lot or feel dizzy, it may be due to mental stress. Tension is what causes the pain in your head. In some people it can develop into a migraine.


5.-Irritability. Continuous periods of stress cause a person to become irritable, even in situations that may seem normal to others. This is because the brain stem is the one that ends up taking over, which is the most primitive part of the brain. This is why you can more easily explode at any stimulus, no matter how insignificant it may seem.


6.-You drink or smoke more. Pay attention to the amount of alcohol and cigarettes you consume, you may be doing it more often than before. Don’t let these habits be your method of escape, remember that in the long run continuing with these habits will only end up damaging your body.


7.-Alteration of appetite. Your appetite may also be affected, whether you lose your appetite or get hungry more often. If you feel anxious all the time, your desire to eat will be much greater than if you are in a normal state, and when this is too drastic, you may notice a change in body weight.


Negative thoughts. Seeing the negative side of everything is one of the clear signs that you are very stressed. This may be because you’re not really enjoying what you do and your daily activities are just overwhelming you.


9.-Anxiety. Feeling anxious even when you are in calm situations. This can cause you to develop manias, such as biting your nails or having nervous tics.