Signs that indicate a nutrient deficiency

Do you know the signs that your body needs more nutrients? In this article you will learn about some of the symptoms that can manifest themselves.

Very dry skin


It is normal that in winter time most people notice more dryness in their skin. However, if you drastically notice that your skin has become drier than normal, it is likely that your omega-3 levels are not appropriate. Omega-3 acids are responsible for nourishing the lipid barrier in your skin, the layer of oils that keeps germs and toxins out and the moisture we need in. If we do not have the proper amount of omega-3, our skin loses its hydration and it is likely that you may notice premature wrinkles or signs of expression due to this lack of moisture. To avoid this, include foods in your diet that contain this fatty acid, such as salmon , sardines , walnuts , flaxseed , and chia seeds.





A very pale complexion may be a sign that you are not eating foods that provide adequate amounts of iron. Iron deficiency causes red blood cells to become smaller , the number of red blood cells is reduced, and they lose hemoglobin. The result of these changes in red blood cells is what causes paler, duller skin. It is recommended to consume foods that contain a sufficient amount of iron, such as spinach, lentils and red meat.



3.-Cracked or very dry lips


As with dry skin, chapped lips are a common occurrence during the winter. However, if dry lips are very recurrent, this may indicate a vitamin B2 deficiency. Another symptom that may appear along with it is a very red and swollen tongue. Deficiency of this vitamin can become more serious if left untreated, as it can affect the nerves. A sign that the nerves are being affected is a tingling sensation in the hands and feet. Foods that are recommended to combat this deficiency are salmon, broccoli, cheddar cheese and eggs.



4.-Recurrent acne


Lack of certain nutrients can cause your skin to develop imperfections. Lack of omega-3 can make your skin look inflamed, which can eventually lead to acne breakouts. The natural oils that we have in the skin of our face, are reduced when we do not consume enough omega, this lack of oils is what causes the imperfections arise.



5.-Wounds that do not heal


Wounds such as scrapes and cuts don’t usually heal overnight. IF a wound takes a long time to heal, it may be a sign that you’re not getting as much protein as you should. Protein is essential for repairing and regenerating damaged tissue. Always aim for 20-30 grams of protein. There are slight changes you can make to your diet to make sure you’re getting enough protein. For example, drinking more milk, adding beans to your salads, or putting peanut butter on apples or bread. It is also recommended that you eat enough fruits and vegetables that provide you with vitamin C , as a lack of vitamin C can also cause you to be unhealthy.



6.- Bleeding gums


When bleeding appears in the gums, it may indicate a vitamin K deficiency. Vitamin K is responsible for helping the blood to clot. Usually the lack of this vitamin is very rare.

To ensure that you are not deficient in this vitamin, try to eat brussels sprouts and green leafy vegetables.


7.-Weak nails


If you constantly have brittle or very weak nails, this may indicate a lack of biotin. Biotin is responsible for providing strength to nails and hair. Eggs, nuts and grains are recommended to strengthen your nails.


8.-Abnormal appearance of nails


A lack of iron can cause nails to become whiter than normal, while a lack of biotin can make fungal infections more common. A lack of vitamin B12 turns the nails brown. In case your nails have a strange color or a different appearance, consult a health professional to get out of doubt.


9.-Hair very fragile


Your diet has a big effect on your hair. It is said that we can lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. However, a very large loss that begins to leave traces of baldness is not normal. Lack of vitamin C and protein can cause your hair to be very brittle. Likewise, when we don’t have enough biotin, it shows in our hair.


10.-Premature cannas


Grey hair appearing at a very young age may indicate that we are not eating properly. The lack of copper means that not enough melanin can be created, which is responsible for giving your hair its color. Lack of vitamin D also plays an important role in the appearance of white hair. To avoid this, include almonds, hazelnuts and vitamin D fortified products in your diet.