Our planet is facing serious problems

Today, due to our modern lifestyle, pollution in the environment, water pollution, deforestation, soil abuse, the hole in the ozone layer and industrial development in general the reduction of oxygen on the planet has been alarmingly evident. It is claimed that 1,000 years ago the level of oxygen in the atmosphere was 40% to 50%. Fitness magazine and other credible publications released scientific studies in 2005 that revealed alarming findings. Oxygen levels have dropped from 38% to 20% in the last few decades alone, and highly populated cities have recorded levels as low as 15%.


Chronic oxygen deficiency


According to research by Dr. Arthur C. Guyton most of the diseases we suffer from are caused by chronic oxygen deficiency at the cellular level which leads to the accumulation of dangerous toxins and acidic wastes in our systems creating an environment conducive to the development of harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens.


Oxygen can run out


The more intense the anaerobic effort, the higher the amount of oxygen required for the necessary combustion, but the supply of oxygen to the bloodstream is limited, as is its absorption by the tissues. In this situation the body must continue to work and perform, but with less oxygen than necessary. In the tissues (mainly in the muscle tissue) acids are formed that hinder movement and performance, one of the most abundant being lactic acid (which causes cramps).


There is a solution


A healthy way


A highly concentrated, super-mineralized colloidal formula that is absorbed by the body is presumed to help produce virgin oxygen. The exact combination of essential minerals, amino acids, plant-derived silica and electrolytes – all combined – would allow the dissociation of the water molecule in the body.


Oxygen is also drunk


By following a balanced diet and committed training in conjunction with SynergyO2 you will feel from the first intake how the body starts its cleansing, rebuilding, nourishing and regenerating process. You will help your body to provide better balance and optimize the use of energy in your activities.


Is SynergyO2 a medicine?


SynergyO2 is not a medicine. We offer you a food supplement, it works according to your body’s priorities and starts working where it detects that your body needs it most. SynergyO2 is not a medicine