Recommended foods for a healthy stomach

As well as foods that can harm our digestive system, we also find some foods that can provide great benefits to our stomach.

If you have stomach problems or know someone who suffers from one of these conditions, be sure to include some of these foods in your daily diet.



This delicious fruit is wonderful to be used in the treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers; papaya is very easy to digest and can soothe the pain and burning that can cause some foods that irritate the walls of the stomach. You can eat it directly, chopped preferably at breakfast, or in juice and it must be well ripe.



Oatmeal is a very complete food that produces satiety, thus avoiding having to eat between meals, helps improve digestion due to its high fiber content, also reduces cholesterol levels. This food is also widely used in many beauty treatments and in a lot of weight loss diets.



Cinnamon is widely used to combat diarrhea, and stomach irritations, it also helps to end the gases that accumulate in the intestines causing pain and many other discomforts, reducing stomach inflammation, cinnamon can be consumed prepared in teas and adding it to the food consumed daily.



The apple is a delicious fruit that contains high levels of insoluble fiber, the apple is rich in pectin and other natural enzymes that help the stomach to prevent many discomforts, for many people who have delicate or sensitive stomach is much easier to consume baked apples and that way they can more easily get their properties.



Avocado is a great source of potassium and fiber, thanks to the natural oils it contains it is very healthy for the stomach, it can be eaten with any other food and at any time of the day.



Fennel is an excellent natural antiflatulent, prepare an infusion with half a tablespoon of seeds of this plant in a pot of boiling water and with this simple remedy you can get rid of the annoying gases.



They are the best option when choosing a natural laxative. A plum contains more than one gram of a sugar known as sorbitol, which promotes rapid expulsion of the food bolus.



Rice is a very important food in a person’s diet. It is easy to digest, rich in complex carbohydrates, low in fat and has a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

It is also known that this cereal, like other starchy foods, is rich in starch, a non-digestible component, which transforms white rice into a variant of solution to combat diarrhea.



It is ideal for eliminating nausea, travel sickness and upset stomach. A cup of tea is the portion needed to reduce this type of problem.



It has been observed that a diet rich in these fruits reduces ulcerations by 75%, and for this reason, it is also recognized as a fruit to reduce heartburn. This is because the banana coats the walls of the stomach and stimulates the growth of substances that act as a protective barrier against ulceration. When you have an irritated stomach, eating bananas relieves the bad feeling as well as constipation and diarrhea.



Soft, pleasant, low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals for the body, it keeps the intestinal flora in good condition and prevents colic. The bacteria in yoghurt attack and destroy the E.Coli bacteria that cause gastritis of various kinds.

Under antibiotic treatment, it has been observed that the consumption of a daily serving of yogurt helps to replace the bacteria of the intestinal flora eliminated by the medication; in addition to helping the immune system.



Knowing these foods that bring so many benefits to our stomach we must be very aware and learn to take care of ourselves in a more natural way and of course delicious, the best thing is that these foods can be incorporated into all the dishes we eat every day. In this way our life will be calmer and we will be able to spend more time in good health, treating and preventing stomach aches and pains.