SO2 Sport

The ultimate formula specifically designed to detox your body at a cellular level and help burn fat. On the go easy and portable, throw in your pocket or purse!

Who Is SO2 For?

Anyone looking to burn fat, detox on a cellular level.

How to use:

Adults take 3-8 drops in 16 ounces of water or juice 3 times a day.

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SO2 Sport is an exclusive formula designed to help you increase your energy level, manage your weight and detox your body. When taking SO2SPORT your body receives the benefit of direct-to-the-body, essential trace minerals, amino acids, plant-sourced silica, electrolytes and L-carnitine, all of these ingredients combined to work in synergy to deliver benefits to re balance your body and life.

SO2 SPORT delivers the necessary nutrients your body needs to maximize your health and fitness goals by working at a cellular level. Our food, water have been stripped of essential minerals and other nutrients the body needs to function and keep the body healthy. we can’t escape it, but we can do something about it. So2sport removes the toxins while putting back what it lacks unlike other detoxes in the market.

Other detoxes are uncomfortable, time consuming and make you feel sluggish. So2Sport does the opposite because it detoxes in a different manner via a cellular level. Not only will it not make you sluggish, it will give you energy throughout the day without the crash.

No pills involved multiple times a day either. It comes in a small bottle, just throw in your gym bag, purse or car and dilute in a glass of water. That’s it!

Weight control

SO2SPORT is a great ally when it comes to losing or managing weight. We’ve added L-Carnitine proven to aid in burning fat and helps with muscle recovery and soreness.

Great benefits can be reached thanks to its formula that delivers a great and powerful combination of ingredients:


Is a vitamin-like substance that plays a big role in our body. L -carnitine tends to be prescribed to help support those with heart conditions, diabetes and other health conditions. Greatly recommended to aid with weight loss.

With higher levels of L - carnitine, your body burns fat in a faster way. Not only does this decrease the amount of fat your body stores , but it also helps get rid of visceral fat , the one that surrounds your vital organs and could lead to serious health conditions.

As your body's capacity for fat burning increases, so does your energy level. This substance not only helps you increase the amount of burned fat in each workout, you also get an energy boost for better workouts and a more active lifestyle. This means that your metabolism will get a boost as well.

A more active metabolism can significantly aid with weight loss because you'll increase the amount of calories you are able to burn, even if you're resting.


Considered a macro mineral. Silica is considered one of the most crucial minerals in the human diet, it can act as a detox for toxins and heavy metals that have accumulated in the body. One example of this is aluminum, silica has the ability to bond aluminum, which prevents the absorption of this metal in the gut, therefore preventing the ocurrence of toxicity. Silica has a lot of benefits to the nails, hair and skin. The intake of this mineral can help keep the skin elastic, restores the natural skin glow and also prevents cellulite and strengthens the nails.

Also known to be efficient for our joints, in order for us to enjoy a more active lifestyle and have a better physical performance, we need to have strong joints. Silica is crucial for keeping our joints in optimal condition since it heals injuries faster and provides a revitalization of cartilages, ligaments and collagen.

Amino acids

Amino acids can contribute to the development of protein in the body and are vital in promoting wound repair and encouraging healthy tissue in bones, muscle, hair, skin and other structures.

Muscle building is easier to achieve if we have a constant intake of amino acids, since these are essential for growth and development. Amino acids can greatly improve overall health by strengthening the immune system.


Electrically charged elements that stimulate muscles and nerves. Electrolytes include sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphate. These substances are in charge of controlling the levels of fluids in the body, which affects blood levels and cellular function.

Physically active individuals need to replenish their electrolytes levels, consuming them decreases the levels of water lost in urination. This ensures that the muscles, nerves and tissues are effective in absorbing the bodily fluids when needed.

Electrolytes are vital if you want to reach a peak performance in any type of sport or physical activity.


Is SO2 SPORT a medicine?

No, SO2 SPORT is not a medication. Because SO2 SPORT is a nutritional supplement, it works according to the priorities of the body and begins to work where the body needs it the most. SO2 SPORT is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

What is the life time of SO2 SPORT?

Due to requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) we must establish a date that indicates the expiration of the product. Once you have purchased the product, you must take it in a period no longer than 3 years. Nevertheless, The benefits that SO2 SPORT brings can be obtained even once already the date indicated on the label has passed.

How should I take SO2 SPORT?

In order for SO2 SPORT to work properly, it is necessary to take it between 30-40 minutes before starting an exercise routine. If you are trying to lose weight, we recommend you to take it 30 minutes before each meal. The recommended dose is 3 to 8 drops in 16 ounces of water.

What minerals and vitamins does SO2 SPORT contain?

SO2 SPORT contains the substances you need the most to increase energy, detoxify your body and lose weight. These substances are:

  • Oxygen
  • L-carnitine
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Electrolytes
  • Hydrogen
  • Silica

Is there a healing crisis when taking SO2 SPORT?

The organism of each person is different, therefore, the symptoms of a healing crisis may vary. In the case of SO2 SPORT, if a healing crisis occurs when you start taking the product we advise you to keep taking SO2 SPORT. The crisis occurs because your body discards substances that are not necessary for your organism and such process takes time.
As we already mentioned, each person is different, therefore the duration of the healing crisis will be different for each person.

In addition to losing weight, increasing energy and detoxifying, what else can SO2 SPORT do for me?

In addition to the mentioned benefits, SO2 SPORT can help you with a wide variety of conditions; It can help you improve your physical condition , strengthen your immune system, provide oxygen to the cells of your body , reduce the symptoms of a hangover and it may help you relieve headaches.

Take it between 30-40 minutes before starting an exercise routine. If you are trying to lose weight, we recommend you to take it 30 minutes before each meal. The recommended dose is 3 to 8 drops in 16oz of water.



Energy Booster

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For the best results, supplements should be taken according to the instructions to over time, with the maximum dose along with a healthy diet and a program of exercise regular. The results may vary.

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