Physical reactions of the body to cold

Do you already know how your body reacts every time the temperature drops?

Low temperatures are about to start, so the human body must be prepared for the threat that this can cause, namely respiratory diseases. That’s why it’s essential that you wash your hands, avoid going out with wet hair and keep warm when you do go out.

When you feel very cold near anyone, your body can react in different ways and reveal symptoms that people sometimes can’t explain. So here we give you the answers to 5 curiosities of the human body.

1.- Shivering and shivering

Shivering is the body’s reflex to cold; this is because the brain sends nerve signals through the spine, causing the muscles to contract and relax quickly. For the same reason, it is normal for the jaws and teeth to tremble.

2.- Is it normal for a cold to be generated by cold weather?

This is a myth, because colds are caused when people spend a long time in closed, unventilated places, where the spread of the virus is easier than in properly ventilated spaces.

3.- High fat foods

According to specialists, cold weather reduces serotonin levels, so the human body has the need to cover them with foods high in carbohydrates. In addition, with the change in diet, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure levels increase in winter.

4.- Joints

The change in barometric pressure generates inflammation, and increases the intensity and sensitivity in patients with pain caused by injury, arthritis or aging, according to various media.

5.- Dryness of lips and skin

The skin of the lips is very sensitive, which works best when it is slightly moist; however, wetting them with saliva causes dryness and flaking. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to use a lip balm, while for the skin you should use a moisturizer, in order to generate a moisture barrier against wind and low temperatures.