Orange: the colour of winter. Find out why!

We reveal 4 key products that you can’t miss in your recipes.

Let’s hurry up the last days! Just a step away from putting the finishing touch to autumn and uncorking winter, seasonal products are still knocking on our door. Autumn has brought us a wide range of foods to renew our diet. Mushrooms, chestnuts, figs, etc., these are just some of the products that we have been able to add to our basket.

However, there is still time to add to our shopping list before autumn is over. So much so that today we present 4 orange foods that will give you a lot to play with when preparing your recipes; they bring colour and flavour to your dishes. Do you fancy them? Come on!

  1. Orange. This citrus fruit, rich in fibre and vitamin C, is ideal to drink at any time of the day. Whether as a snack, as a dessert or as a garnish in a main dish, the orange adds a very special touch. It can be cut into small pieces, sliced, juiced or presented as a kebab. You decide! However, don’t forget that it goes well in salads, combined with onion, as a counterpoint in savoury dishes, as an aromatic dressing or mixed with other fruits.
  2. Carrot. Because of its high vitamin and mineral content, carrots are a great nutritional ally. It provides energy, contains beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamins of group B and vitamin C. However, this is not all. Beyond its contribution, it also has a very peculiar taste. And is that this root can be eaten both raw and cooked, either in salads, in creams, in purees, in broths, stews or snacks as a snack. Fancy it?
  3. Sweet potato. Like the potato, the sweet potato is a tuber, so its nutritional value is similar. Its sweet touch and its personal flavour make the sweet potato a very popular food in autumn. So much so that it can be prepared in many ways: as a puree, as a soup, baked, as a garnish, grilled, etc.. Let your imagination run wild!
  4. Pumpkin. I couldn’t miss it. This vegetable is a good source of fiber, beta-carotene and vitamin C, so it is also advisable to add it to your diet. Now, how can you prepare it? Just like all other foods, in many different ways. In soup, in puree, in cream, with vegetables or rice, stuffed, sautéed, etc. Which one is your favourite?