Make sure you don’t make these mistakes

It is very common that at the beginning of the year, people join a gym or start an exercise routine to lose weight. This is a very common practice, however, care must be taken, as increasing our food intake can lead to an increase in triglycerides, cholesterol and glucose (blood sugar).


If you’re one of those people who want to start exercising as soon as the holidays are over, we share with you the following mistakes you tend to make the most when you’re done exercising.


1.-Do not change your sportswear. In many cases, people end up exhausted by the routine they do and do not change the clothes they wore for the sport as soon as they finish.


This is not at all hygienic due to the following factors.


You’re more likely to get sick because the sweat that sticks to your clothes (whether you can see it or not) has a lot of bacteria on it, which if it stays on your body too long can damage your immune system or make your skin allergy-like pimples. In case you don’t want to take a bath immediately after finishing your workout, at least change your shoes, socks and clothes, this will help your muscles stay warm and loose, which helps your body to have better circulation and recover faster from the physical wear and tear.


You should be careful not to go out with your clothes damp from sweat, because in this cold season, you are more likely to catch a cold.


2.-Conclude your routine all at once. A very common practice. It is normal and understandable that your energy is depleted and you want to finish the exercise now. However, it is not recommended that you do so. It is best to reduce the intensity and finish with exercise sessions that do not require a lot of effort. You can finish with stretching, similar to what you do before you start exercising.


It is important to do this as it will help your heart to return to its normal rhythm and your muscles to relax.


3.- Do not eat or drink anything. It is essential that after you finish your workout, you consume fluids to replenish what your body lost during exercise. We recommend that you choose to drink water and not energy drinks, as these only make you speed up rather than relax. These drinks are recommended before starting exercise.


If you get hungry, try to eat foods that contain protein, such as white meats, nuts, almonds, etc. Don’t eat foods with a lot of sugar or fat, as this will only make your workout routine not work as well as it should.


4.-Heavy meals. Something similar to the previous point, do not eat very heavy meals after finishing your routine and much less before going to sleep. This will only cause you to gain back the calories you’ve already lost. Also, going to sleep with a lot of food in your stomach makes sleeping more complicated, due to the digestion process that your body must do.


5.-Not getting enough sleep. This is often overlooked by many. Every time you don’t sleep at least 7 hours a day, your body doesn’t recover 100%. This is because you don’t give your brain and body tissues time to re-establish themselves after the exhaustion they had. No matter if you feel tired or not, it is mandatory that you always take your rest hours. Besides, this will make you wake up the next day with more energy and you will feel more physically and mentally ready.


6.-Staying still. It is common that at the end of the exercise you want to lie down on the bed or sofa, although it is tempting, try not to do it. Try to get yourself to do something that requires you to be on the move, for example, you can do dishes, put laundry away, put on a washing machine, whatever it takes to keep you moving. This is related to point 2, it is not healthy for your muscles to stop dead in their tracks. This can also help keep you from getting injured.


7.-Take a bath immediately. Changing your workout clothes is something you should do as soon as you finish your routine, however, taking a bath is not. When you exercise, your body can reach a temperature between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. If you take a bath at that temperature, your body being exposed to the cold water can affect your circulation and blood pressure.


It is better to take a bath as your body will lower its temperature and not be so agitated.


What did you think of these mistakes? Have you committed any of them? When you start exercising again, try not to make these common mistakes.