At some point in your life, you have set short-term goals.

We’ve all set these kinds of goals, whether formally or informally. Short-term goals are something that tend to attract most people, as they usually tell us what are the steps to follow in order to reach our goal in the long term. These goals should be seen as the push we need to get to the bigger goal.


One of the tips that many people give is to write down your goals and have them at your fingertips when you need them. This is because when you see the goals that you have set on paper, you feel the obligation to have to solve them, because you perceive them as something tangible and present.


In this publication, we will provide you with the necessary guidelines so that you can achieve all your short-term goals. We’ll start with the first one.


1.- Focus on the most relevant goals. Whenever you are defining your goals, try to define them in order, from the most important to the least important. Doing this will not only help you to have your thoughts more organized, but you will be able to discover what your true intentions are and where you want to go. Always remember that all small goals lead to a bigger reward or achievement. If possible, only focus on a limited number of goals, don’t try to saturate yourself with too many small goals.


2.-Make sure they relate to your vision. If all your goals are small steps that are necessary to reach your biggest and main goal, you are on the right track. Something that also often works to get a better understanding of what you want is to ask yourself, “If I could only accomplish one goal, what would it be? Answering this will help you evaluate your true goals.


Remember that if you are not passionate about a goal, it will be very difficult to focus your energies to really achieve it.


3.-Set a period of time. When you have your goals already set on paper, always try to write a deadline next to each one. This will make you perceive them as something serious and with a deadline, not an execution date. The dates you set should be realistic and also try to be as specific as possible. Having the dates will also help you to have a sense that you have your pattern of action organized and that you are making progress.


4.-Define your goals when you are calm. When you are ready to set your goals, always find a time when your mind is clear and in a state of calm. If you try to define your goals in a rushed situation or when your mind is cluttered with other thoughts, this will only cause you to not be able to meditate clearly and therefore, your goals will not be formulated with the necessary attention. Take into consideration that short-term goals, just because they are called that does not mean that they are unimportant, quite the contrary. See these goals as a ladder that you need to climb in order to get to the top, your biggest goal.


5.-Keep your goals in sight. I don’t think it’s going to do you much good if you just write down your goals but don’t have them in sight. The purpose of writing them down is so you can keep them in sight and remember what you should be doing to achieve them, plus it helps you stay focused on what’s really important. Likewise, being able to see them helps you stay motivated and block out distractions that only distract you from them.


Make your goals known to people close to you. This point is very important because it can help you enormously to achieve some of your goals. The fact that you share with loved ones your most significant goals, makes you in a way to compromise with your family or friends, which ends up being an extra pressure to accomplish what you set out to do. On the other hand, sometimes one of your contacts may want to support you, which is beneficial for you. These people can support you, either financially or emotionally. You never know if any of these people have resources that you don’t have, which may help you in the future to achieve your goal. Also, we never turn down something supportive when we find ourselves in a difficult situation.


What do you think of these tips? We would like to know what your short-term goals are for this year. Every time you set goals of this type, try to put these tips into practice, we can assure you that many have worked in a very positive way.


Remember also that it is never too late to set goals, you can do it at any age, at any stage of your life. Remember that having goals or purposes in life are one of the things that keep us alive.