People take on other roles for a variety of reasons, but mostly it’s about earning more income.

Two jobs. Two goals. There is no doubt that having multiple jobs and playing multiple roles makes daily life a challenge. In this article, we will explore the benefits and disadvantages of having more than one job, and the importance of job diversification.

How can you overcome the challenges that come when you start working more than one job?


Choose a job that truly interests you. The more passion you have for your work, the easier your schedule will be.


If the tasks you perform are totally different from job to job, it may be practical to schedule yourself in chunks. This allows you to give 100% of your attention to each thing for a specific amount of time. Programming this way makes you more productive.


Switching from one role or job to another can be difficult, especially when the thought process and activities are totally different. For example, you may be working in the support engineering area for part of the day and then have to dress up and meet with customers in the sales role in the afternoon. These transitions can be made easier if you take a break in a “neutral” zone, such as a coffee shop for half an hour.


Having two jobs means you have less time than your peers to devote to your different roles. So staying competitive is not easy. Analyze every hour of your day to see where you have free time to keep up with the news.


Make sure you make time for yourself and your family, especially if you have to go back and forth between jobs. You may have to leave one office early and leave the other office late to get the job done. Doing so will lead to exhaustion.


If you have two jobs in the same organization. Try to follow a regular schedule. This will keep interruptions, calls and meetings to the schedule when you are “doing” that role. And if appropriate, set up two separate signatures on your e-mail so you know which files to send without making a mistake.


Part-time jobs


It will help you organize yourself better if you split your time between two part-time jobs at different companies. It will give you double the benefits and perks. Even in some countries it would be legal to choose one health plan in one job and forgo the other, maximizing your income. If this is your case, it is recommended that both jobs deposit your retirement savings into the same account.



I have two jobs, how do I organize myself?


People take on other roles for a variety of reasons, but mostly it’s about earning more income. Perhaps they want more fulfillment in their lives, have a desire to start a new business or go back to school. But the reality is that although the economic benefits of having two jobs are very clear, it is also true that physically and mentally we can face a real challenge.


Life Project

But what happens when your other job is a life project? Surely the reason that gives you the strength to continue even after the difficulties is that you are passionate about this project. Put your priorities on a scale. Don’t forget that rest is also part of the job. If you don’t give yourself time for your hobbies and household chores you will probably get tired and stop offering quality ideas for your project. Instead of scheduling your days starting with the things you need to do, start by scheduling your rest hours and priorities. Otherwise you will end up working 16 hours a day. The list of things to do is conceivably endless.


A successful person


Successful people know the importance of keeping a clear mind and taking the time to enjoy what they have. Success and self-realization start from within, with good health you have the freedom and energy to fully enjoy life. Successful people are aware that they have to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. That’s why we recommend that when you’re looking for a second source of income, don’t forget about your health and family time. We hope you find the solution to your financial situation. Success!