How to get a 45% discount on all your personal purchases?

In order to enjoy a 45% discount on retail prices, you need to follow these steps:

Sign up as a distributor.

By purchasing any of the activation packages available in your country and paying your annual membership.

Enroll in Autoship

Sign up to the monthly autoship program with a purchase of 4 or more products. You can do this from the very moment you’re signing up or through the online store.

Reach the Gold Ambassador qualification.

Sponsor 3 active direct distributors and help each one duplicate the same process. This will give you a total of 3 members in your level 1 and 9 members in your level 2. Make sure that every one of your members remain active with a purchase of 4 products PSV. When you achieve this, you qualify as Gold Ambassador.

Reach the Diamond qualification

To achieve it, you need to remain in auto ship with a personal purchase of 4 or more products PSV and have 3 direct qualified Gold Ambassadors.

Help out each one of your 3 direct members to qualify as Gold Ambassadors, this will give you a total of 36 active members distributed in 3 levels.

To maintain your 45% discount and your Diamond qualification, it is necessary to meet these requirements:

  1. Remain in auto ship with a purchase of 8 products PSV.
  2. Maintain 36 active distributors in 3 levels, each one with a purchase of 4 products PSV.