The Marketplace

Sports nutrition products that were previously aimed at athletes and bodybuilders are increasingly appealing to the non-athlete consumer group, especially the younger demographic. The market is gaining ground, mainly due to increasing health awareness among the population, increasing urbanization, development of new products and growth in the number of retail outlets, gyms and fitness centers. Traditional users may be regular or core performance users, similarly, new users could be occasional users or those who already have this kind of habits in their daily life.
Developed countries, mainly the USA and European countries, remain the main markets for sports nutrition products. Emerging nations are expected to be the main growth drivers for the market. The low awareness in Eastern countries, compared to Western markets, is the main reason for a lower market share in Eastern countries in the global sports nutrition market. In addition, the low disposable income and the use of products only by athletes and bodybuilders in the past restricted the use of sports nutrition products in Eastern countries. Today, developing countries around the world represent a large growth potential for sports nutrition products, led by increasing disposable income, rapid urbanization and a higher percentage of young people interested in sports nutrition products.
Companies are using different means, such as seminars and events, to spread awareness about a healthier lifestyle.
The number of gyms and fitness centers have experienced a gradual increase in recent years all over the world. The increase is attributed to increased health awareness and changing demographics in some countries with a higher proportion of young people. The growth of such establishments is expected to provide new opportunities for producers of sports nutrition supplements.