Do you know the importance of breakfast? Don’t miss the most important meal of the day.

The myth has been planted that not eating in the morning helps you lose weight; no nutritionist could agree with this idea. Although there are days when leaving home for work is a race against time, starting your day with a glass of water followed by a balanced breakfast is crucial for your health.


If you’re thinking that every morning you fulfill your body with a protein bar, recent studies make it clear that a high-protein breakfast is key to controlling cravings and appetite throughout the day. That’s good news for egg lovers. We hope you enjoy these quick, easy and delicious recipes that you can pair with our SynergyO2 Fit Vanilla or Chocolate Milkshake.



Egg, vegetables and ham.


Recipe: Macheesmo


This protein-packed breakfast bowl provides plenty of healthy nutrients in the form of freshly prepared chard. The bed of vegetables serves as a base for the ham, onion, eggs and avocado… and a generous helping of hot sauce. Although it is a breakfast, it is really a meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and will leave you satisfied.



Avocado Pitapizza with egg.


Recipe: Fab Fit Fun


When you were little you always begged for pizza for breakfast. When you were in college all you had available was pizza for breakfast. And now that you’re an adult, here’s the pizza you should always eat for breakfast.



Classic Egg Sandwich


Recipe: Mels Kitchen Cafe


Perfectly cooked eggs are the key (in a bain-marie). After that, a little yogurt and mayonnaise; a touch of dill (aneto) plus a little lemon juice, salt and pepper. This egg salad is not only great tasting, it’s also a very light breakfast.


Omelet with raspberries.


Recipe: Good Food


We have already mentioned above the benefits of wild fruits. These wild fruits will fight your aging skin like a Jedi. They contain large amounts of Vitamin C which will help you to strengthen your immune system and produce collagen.



Green egg and ham burritos.


Recipe: Greatist


This dish combines fun and rich flavor of scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, topped with bright green pesto, and rolled tightly in a whole wheat tortilla.