Everyday activities to burn more than 200 calories

It is well known that exercise is important not only for physical and mental health, but also to improve the quality of life.

According to research, there are a number of activities that if done properly can help us burn calories without feeling the pressure that sometimes comes with an entire exercise routine. Here are 12 activities you can do to stay in shape:


1.- Shopping at the market


A very common activity, we are sure that at least once a week you go to a market to buy your groceries. This simple activity can go a long way in strengthening your entire body, especially when carrying heavy objects. A good option is to put the heaviest items in the cart first, such as cans or large boxes, so that you have to make more of an effort to push your purchases. Make sure you also lift things that are on the lower shelves, this way you will put more strain on your upper and lower body.


2.- Feed and bathe your children.


If you have small children you can take advantage of the fact that you still have to feed and bathe them. Both activities can help you burn up to 260 calories per hour. Always bring comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to move easily. These activities will help you strengthen your entire middle body.


3.- Play with small children


Playing with your children (nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren, etc.) can be a very enjoyable and rewarding activity. Plus, you’ll burn up to 300 calories per hour! Next time you are around young children, ask if you can play with them or teach them new activities they can do.


4.-Cleaning at home


Although it may be tempting to clean your house in a hurry and without paying much attention to detail, doing a thorough cleaning of your home will help you burn up to 330 calories per hour.

With a little creativity and determination, you can take this activity to another level.




Walking is beneficial to your health, but you may be surprised at how many calories you can burn by walking every day. Finding opportunities to walk more each day is very simple. Some options are to park your car farther away, walk to run errands, or walk to parks or shopping malls near your home. Even walking slowly (3.5 miles per hour) will burn 300 calories in an hour. If you up the pace (jogging instead of walking) you can burn up to 480 calories.


6.-Mowing the lawn


Some of the most tedious activities can help you burn calories if you do them properly. Mowing the lawn with a lawn mower will burn about 334 calories per hour (sorry, this can’t be done with an automatic mower, but it can be done with a gas or electric mower). If you choose a mower that you have to push all the time, you can burn up to 410 calories.


7.-Fix your garden


Tidying up your yard with basic activities like cutting roots or stems, watering plants, or pruning trees can burn 334 calories. Adding more tedious activities, such as transplanting large plants, can increase the amount of calories burned.


8.-Gather the leaves from your garden or sidewalk.


You don’t like this activity? Think about it: an hour of cleaning your sidewalk or garden can burn 300 calories. That’s the equivalent of a small dessert or slice of pizza.


9.-Wash the car


Who isn’t a fan of carwashes? Just by washing and drying your car, you can burn 334 calories every hour. Now, that’s just for washing and drying, now imagine if you include vacuuming, waxing or cleaning the tires.




Not many people like the process of moving. Planning, packing and moving furniture and boxes can be very tedious and tiring. If done correctly, you can burn a lot of calories. You’ll burn 223 calories just by moving your furniture for 30 minutes. Carrying boxes and moving them around can burn 260 calories in half an hour. You’ll burn the same amount for every hour you spend unpacking.




The calorie burning potential is extremely varied as there are many ways to paint something in a house (furniture, walls, ceilings, etc.) But no matter what it is, if you spend an hour painting something, you can burn up to 350 calories.




Dancing for 30 minutes can burn between 205 and 233 calories. Just make sure it’s 30 minutes straight.