Do you often catch a cold when it’s cold?

At this time of the year when the cold temperatures start, it never hurts to take precautions so that the common cold doesn’t catch you by surprise. Learn what you can do to prevent your immune system from being affected in the winter to some extent:


1.-Wash your hands frequently. Remember that at this time of the year people are more prone to catching a cold due to the constant change of temperature, that’s why this advice makes a lot of sense. Throughout the day, we are exposed to germs, bacteria and other microorganisms that can enter our system, especially if we have very low defenses. Try to wash your hands with water and plenty of soap, as this prevents the germs you come into contact with from staying on your hands, thus making you sick. Every time you do this, try to rub your hands together for at least 20 seconds. It has been shown that people who wash their hands at least 5 times a day have a lower rate of catching a cold.


2.-Take care not to touch your face too much. The eyes, nose and mouth are an easy target for pathogens to enter, so try not to touch these parts of your body too much, as you will only increase the chances of getting sick.


3.-Keep your stress levels to a minimum. When a person becomes stressed, their immune system weakens and this only causes you to make it more accessible for viruses to enter your body. So, try very hard not to stress so often, and if you do, try not to stress for very long periods of time.


4.-Take time to rest. As in the previous point, rest plays an important role in your immune system, the immune system is weakened by certain factors and lack of rest is one of them.


5.-Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. When large amounts of alcohol are ingested, the immune system becomes weaker, which can cause us to develop an infection or become dehydrated. The same goes for smokers.


6.-Avoid enclosed spaces. This may not be an easy thing to avoid, especially when the days are very cold. However, when large numbers of people are in the same space, viruses can be transported from person to person more quickly and efficiently. If you are in an enclosed space, try to cover your mouth every time you sneeze, but never do it with your hands. Instead, cover it with a handkerchief and throw it away immediately.


It is often recommended that once you have a cold, you stay at home so that the virus can subside and not spread to others. If you can’t do it, take into account the tips we have proposed above.


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