Do you know the correct use of a mouthguard?


With all that the new COVID-19 virus has brought with it and the way it has been changing our daily routine, knowing how to adapt and the best way to do it is paramount. Since it is useless to do something as a preventive measure if we do not do it in the proper way.
In this article we will talk about the importance of the mouthguard and the correct way to use it in this situation.
The cover mouthpiece is used to prevent microbiological contamination emitted from the mouth and nose of a sick person. It may sound very exaggerated its use but it is not, since the drops of saliva that come out when we speak are imperceptible to our sight, however, only one millimeter of saliva can contain up to 100 million bacteria. This is why it is important to use one when handling food or in other processes to avoid contamination of objects.
The first thing to know about the mask is that it should never be shared with others, even if they appear to be healthy. The mask should only be used by one person and on one occasion, since they are disposable, unless you get one made for hospital or laboratory personnel, which are more resistant.

Which mouthpiece is recommended for COVID-19?

The conventional ones that are usually sold in pharmacies are not considered effective against this new virus and its spread, since the particles that can make us sick are very small and they manage to pass through the material of the mask.
There are two types of masks that are being widely used for this pandemic in several countries; the N95 or FFP2, these are used by health personnel .
Unlike other conventional face masks, this type has a charcoal filter, which provides respiratory protection by creating an airtight seal against the skin and preventing airborne particles from passing through.

Should I wear a face shield?

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that if you do not have symptoms characteristic of COVID-19 or if you are not in contact with an infected person, it is not necessary to use masks. If we do not have symptoms, we could put ourselves more at risk by using one because we would be touching our face more, something we are advised not to do.
Once we use one, the outside is exposed to the environment and possible pathogens or viruses that may be in the air. So if it is reused, we will only be exposing ourselves to a greater extent to disease or infection.
Another thing that must be taken into account is the storage place. We should try to store them in places where we are sure that they will not be exposed to contaminants. Preferably in places that are not humid or exposed to the elements.
Before applying it, we must wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water, following the recommendations issued by international health organizations. It is recommended to use soaps that are alcohol-based.
Once we have our hands clean, we are going to place it by introducing it through the head, without pulling too hard on the elastic bands, which should go behind the ears. At all times we must be careful that our hands do not touch the inside of the mask, because this part is the one that comes into contact with our nose and mouth. When fitting, make sure that it is secure and that the nose and mouth are fully covered. If food or drink is to be ingested, it must be removed.
It can be used in a whole day. However, some experts say that the ideal is to replace it every 5 hours to avoid exposure.
In the event that the mouthpiece becomes wet, torn or worn, it should be removed and replaced with a new one immediately. When removing it we must be careful not to touch the outside and wash our hands thoroughly once it has been discarded. It is recommended to cut into pieces the one that has just been removed and close it in a plastic bag. We should never throw them in the street or leave them in public spaces.
Now that you know how to use a mouth guard correctly, we invite you to share this information with your acquaintances so they can also take precautions.
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