Hydrolyzed collagen which can help to strengthenand maintain the structures of the body together and in good condition, such as the skin, bones, joints and tendons.Ideal for helping maintain and promote the production of collagen throughout the body,In a practical way

Collagen-O2 can help in:

    – Stimulate the production of collagen in different parts of the body.
    – Prevent pain and wear of joints, muscles and cartilage.
    – Improve the appearance of the skinappearance of the skin by reducing scars, stretch marks and acne.
    – Reduce the appearance of premature signs of aging.


    In a glass of water (240 ml) add one tablespoon (6.5 g) of collagen, shake to dissolve completely. For a better solution, add Collagen-O2 first and then the water.

    Note: Some people may experience a healing crisis when they start taking Collagen-O2, however, all symptoms are temporary.