When you join SO2 SPORT , you gain access to 6 ways in which you can get paid with our simple and very lucrative business rewards model

Retail Sales

Buy at wholesale prices and sell at suggested retail price. You earn the difference between the factory price and suggested retail price.
For example, if you sell 1 SO2 SPORT bottle online at $40 (suggested price) and you buy the bottle at $34, you keep the difference from $34 to $40 – $6 commission.

This applies for all products you sell on your personal website. There’s no limit on how many products you sell online , the earning potential is up to you!

Infinity Target Rank Residual

Achieve the highest rank and earn bigger monthly commissions. For each rank , you are eligible for a commission.
For instance , if you achieve the ‘Leader’ rank, you qualify to receive a $50 commission , but if you achieve the ‘Builder’ rank, you receive a $250 commission.

Turbo Start Director Bonus

Get paid a double commission on your first 100 days as an SO2SPORT member, you can earn up to $1,000 per active store.


New Customer Acquisition Bonus

Receive a commission for each package you sell. For each package you sell you get a different commission.
The more sales you do, the higher your commissions are.

Elite Generation Matching Bonus

Receive cash for 5 generations in your sponsorship tree.The higher your stage is , the higher your commissions are.

Life Achievement Bonus

Qualify for an incredible range of prizes and monthly commissions. We recommend you to work hard and reach the highest ranks , this way you’ll be eligible for bigger rewards! You can win from free product to a brand new luxurious car.