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1st Fitness Baileton

The city of Tijuana held its very first Baileton Fitness. Along the day, many fitness instructors were involved and there were different promotional giveaways for all our participants.

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For more than 10 years SO2 SPORT has researched and innovated ways to offer bioavailable nutrients at a cellular level in order for your body to reach optimal conditions. Our commitment with quality goes beyond the formulas we create. Each of our supplements are manufactured in laboratories that comply with the standards set by the FDA and where each person included in the process has the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and deliver products of the highest quality in the nutrition market.


Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure that each formula offers a wide range of benefits.


We focus our efforts on developing nutritional supplements that adapt to each stage of a training and the lifestyle of our consumers.

With each supplement, you can rest assured that you actually receive what it says on the label. We like to be transparent in all of our processes and in the exclusive formulas that set our products apart. When you purchase SO2 SPORT you receive more than a supplement, you receive quality, better physical performance and nutrition at a cellular level.



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SO2 SPORT deep cleans at the cellular level.
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Why is oxygen important to lead a healthy life? Oxygen is one of the main elements in both of our products. This element is essential because it is our main purifying agent for oxidizing toxins and waste in the body, so that the body can effectively expel them through...

Enjoy 3CO collagen in this recipe

Enjoy 3CO collagen in this recipe

We want to share with you  this delicious and simple recipe using 3CO sports collagen that we're sure you'll love!       INGREDIENTS  -2 servings of 3CO -16 ounces of water -1/2 cup of crushed ice -Pieces of frozen strawberries or watermelon -Fresh mint...

What the most common food cravings mean

What the most common food cravings mean

From chocolate cupcakes to a big steak, not all cravings are equal. While some are purely about pleasure (like your favorite comfort foods), others can point to a lack of nutrients or a hormonal imbalance. If you’ve ruled out stress or other emotional reasons you’re...

Arms workout routine

Arms workout routine

Do you want to tone your arms? Arms are perhaps one of our body parts that struggle the most with time, this is why we want to share with you this easy routine. The best part is that you don't need to go to the gym. All you need are some dumbbells and motivation. You...